Portland Shows Up for Fashion

3 May

Where were 700 Portlanders Sunday night? Modified Style at Disjecta in North Portland!

The show was a colorful, exciting evening packed to the gills with amazing talent. From the great catwalkers, to the beautiful organizers, to the stars of the evening – Portland’s own designers – the Modified Style Fun(d)raiser Fashion Show was the place to be.

The sashaying models wore bright sun dresses, corseted tops, ruffled skirts, and colorful hats – well-draped materials certainly made this show what it was. This year, Modified Style organizers separated the designers into the professional and amateur categories, with winners in each. We’re not big gamblers, but we’d bet that we’re going to see more from all these designers – at Portland Fashion Week and beyond! Stay tuned…

Modified Style Portland 2011 Winners


1st Place: Nora Lopez

2nd Place: Rae Snyder

3rd Place: Megan Mesloh


1st Place: Coral Jacobson of Awear Creations

2nd Place: Amy Sim

3rd Place: Julia GaRey

People’s Choice Award

Jennifer Lee Fields

See more of the gorgeous looks, behind the scenes, and more


One Response to “Portland Shows Up for Fashion”

  1. andrea May 4, 2011 at 2:57 pm #

    Thanks Melissa!

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