Up & Coming Designer Profile: Briana Jacobs

30 Jun

Photography: Ian McNeil- Hair, Make-up, Styling: Briana Jacobs

Briana Jacobs is currently a student at The Art Institute of Portland, studying Fashion Design. Krystle recently interviewed Briana to find out what drives her passion for the fashion industry. Keep reading to learn more about this young, gifted designer and to view some of her designs. We expect to see more of Briana in the future of fashion!

StylePoint: What ultimately helped you make the decision to pursue a career in fashion?

Briana: Fashion and style have always been something I have had a connection with. I have a strong passion for creating and expressing myself artistically. I can’t really remember when I decided I wanted my future to be in fashion, it’s like I’ve always known it’s going to be apart of my life and career.

Two projects that really gave me confidence in pursuing an education and career in fashion design was the prom dress I made for my jr. year prom in 2008 and the dress I made that won the Passion for Fashion scholarship at The Art Institute of Portland in 2009.

StylePoint: What is the best thing about fashion design and going to school at The Art Institute?

Briana: What I love about studying fashion design at The Art Institute of Portland is that I am always being challenged! My teachers really push me to the best of my ability. It keeps me very motivated and focused on my dreams of becoming a designer.

StylePoint: What is/are the biggest challenge(s) in fashion design?

Briana: Time management. Being a successful fashion designer takes up almost all of your time. Being a student studying fashion design and juggling a part time job is very difficult. I spend a lot of late nights and 12-15 hour days at school sewing and trying to finish up all my projects on time. Even though it can be very stressful I still enjoy every minute of it, and stay very dedicated to the time commitment.

StylePoint: To date, what do you feel is your biggest accomplishment in fashion so far?

Briana: My school work.

StylePoint: Where does your inspiration come from?

Briana: So many things inspire me!

  • Current and historical subcultures
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Sci-fi and Fantasy
  • Upcoming Fashion Trends

StylePoint: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Briana: Living in California either working for a large corporation or designing for my own private boutique.

StylePoint: What trends do you see for Summer 2011?


  • 70’s Glamour
  • Stripes
  • Maxi dresses
  • Bell bottoms
  • Exotic animal prints
  • Pleats
  • High waist shorts
  • Cut outs
  • Retro looks

StylePoint: Where do you see Portland fashion in the next five years?

Briana: The same as it is now.

StylePoint: Who are some of your favorite designers?

Briana: Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Burberry

 Here are some of Briana’s recent designs:






 Thank you, Briana, for giving some of your time to us here at

StylePoint Portland!

~Posted by Krystle


We’ve Moved!

1 Jun

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Just Around the Corner?!

31 May

One of the silver linings (if you can look at it this way!) is that summer MUST arrive someday. It simply must!

In the meantime, start your shopping lists and check out some of these sweet, sassy, and simply fun summer looks from great stores in Portland.



Where to find it: Frances May, 1013 SW Washington, Portland 97205










Where to find it: Odessa, 410 SW 13th, Portland 97205







Where to find it: Solestruck, 718 NW 11th, Portland 97209





Where to find it: Betsy & Iya, 1722 NW Raleigh Street, Portland 97209








Where to find it: Mabel & Zora, 748 NW 11th, Portland 97209

StylePoints with…

27 May

ElizaBeth Rohloff Designs

    1. What drew you to designing? I am a 4th generation seamstress and was taught early on to make clothing. I started creating clothing for fashion-sized dolls at age 8. Fabric and sewing supplies were available in my home. I grew to love the drape (hand) of fabrics; ever experimenting with how fabric worked together with the body and patterns.

      The designer in 3 Corner Opera Hat

    2. What path did you take to get here? I am a self-taught designer. I spent many hours creating. I did custom clothing for individuals in Portland from 1978-1980. Then I had a clothing line of rayon and silk separates, a studio and shop in the early 1980’s in Portland. One of my favorite jobs was working for Portland Civic Theatre as a costume seamstress; I learned so much about sizing all kinds of bodies! I finished a teaching degree and minored in Art then I raised two children and taught at Buckman Elementary Arts Magnet part-time. In 2000, I began to design and sell hats and fabric bags; this new direction was exciting. In 2006, I left my teaching work to focus on making my fashion design a business, which has brought me to the present.
    3. What’s your main focus as a designer? To create.
    4. Do you see yourself expanding into new areas at all in the future? Yes, but I don’t know where; that’s the beauty, to follow one’s inspiration. One fulfilling aspect of the business, ElizaBeth Rohloff Designs, is teaching sewing and design. This began two years ago.
    5. What are some of your inspirations? Nature, (the sky can have so many colors) film, (especially older films) street wear and my dreams; I have very vivid dreams. For example there will be someone in a crowd wearing a perfectly styled hat or coat, I am sure to sketch this upon waking.
    6. What is the best thing about being a designer? Making something and having someone fall in love with it.
    7. What are your biggest challenges? Time and finances.
    8. What do you offer your customers that sets you apart – what makes ElizaBeth Rohloff Designs extra special? I make classic pieces that are original designs from high quality fabrics. Many times my ideas are a bit of ahead of their time. When I started the business side, I learned through marketing that I am a trendsetter. My work is for people who enjoy expressing themselves with clothing and accessories.

      Tulip Skirt & Tucked Rayon Blouse

    9. What do you see for fashion in Portland in the next 5 years? Not sure, that’s the beauty of design work; being open to see what presents itself. There are many inspiring cultural creatives here.
    10. What are a couple of your own personal favorite pieces that you’ve created? The Tulip Skirt paired with a Tucked Rayon Blouse, my 3 Corner Opera Hat, and a hand dyed silk bubble skirt.
    11. Where can we buy your designs? Presently, I took a break from wholesaling my work to west coast shops. But my home studio, The Design Lab, at 1323 SE 15th Avenue is open by appointment. I also teach from this location! Email me for availability. I have an event called Flash of Fashion occurring on June 25th from 4-9 p.m. at the Design Lab; it’s a sales event, costume wearing photo opportunity that I am collaborating on with photographer, Frank DeSantis. Come see my work!

Isaac Hers Goldstruck Fashion Show Recap

24 May

Our friends at My City Designers have such a great recap of the Isaac Hers Goldstruck show this past weekend. Check out their site for great photos from Autumn Northcraft and videos of the show!

“We literally found ourselves saying ‘oh I would totally wear that’ for every look. In creating the new Fall 2011 collection, Barbara Seipp was inspired by the Oregon high desert. With a touching thank you to her family before the show, a backdrop of video shots from central Oregon and soulful music, it was easy to feel that this was something more than just fashion – it was about finding a connection and gaining perspective. We walked away inspired and craving some Isaac Hers.”

Moontess Showcases Designer’s Talent

23 May

Opened at the end of April by designer Mihaela Munteanu, Moontess showcases Munteanu’s immense talent with swimwear, lingerie and ready to wear.

It was the warm reception and eager public reaction that Munteanu’s Colours of Rocks collection received at the Better Living Show that gave her the confidence to open Moontess, but the designer is not new to the industry. Munteanu’s grandfather was a tailor, so she designed and created her first clothes under his guidance. From there, Munteanu was tapped to construct and pattern swimming suits and lingerie for brands like Chiarugi, Emilio Pucci, and Guess.

Now, Munteanu’s beautifully tailored pieces can be found at Moontess – at 826 NW 23rd Ave, Portland. Want to get in the summer frame of mind? This is the place to stop first!

Portland Shows Up for Fashion

3 May

Where were 700 Portlanders Sunday night? Modified Style at Disjecta in North Portland!

The show was a colorful, exciting evening packed to the gills with amazing talent. From the great catwalkers, to the beautiful organizers, to the stars of the evening – Portland’s own designers – the Modified Style Fun(d)raiser Fashion Show was the place to be.

The sashaying models wore bright sun dresses, corseted tops, ruffled skirts, and colorful hats – well-draped materials certainly made this show what it was. This year, Modified Style organizers separated the designers into the professional and amateur categories, with winners in each. We’re not big gamblers, but we’d bet that we’re going to see more from all these designers – at Portland Fashion Week and beyond! Stay tuned…

Modified Style Portland 2011 Winners


1st Place: Nora Lopez

2nd Place: Rae Snyder

3rd Place: Megan Mesloh


1st Place: Coral Jacobson of Awear Creations

2nd Place: Amy Sim

3rd Place: Julia GaRey

People’s Choice Award

Jennifer Lee Fields

See more of the gorgeous looks, behind the scenes, and more